How to Use the Dext Mobile App

The Dext Prepare Mobile app is the quickest and easiest way to submit your receipts, invoices and other documents to Dext Prepare. 

How to Access the App

Amica Accounting will send you an invitation to use the Dext mobile app via text message. This makes the process nice and simple.

1. Click on the link within the text message.

2. Enter your password and click Create Account

3. Follow the instructions to download the mobile app and sign-in to your account

How To Submit Documents Using The Mobile App

1. Open the mobile app and sign-in using your Dext email address and password

2. Go to the Costs or Sales inbox.
If you have not yet added any documents the inbox will be empty.

3. Capture documents by tapping the green + button at the bottom of the screen. This will open the camera.
There are multiple camera modes on the Mobile App that allow any type of paper document to be captured easily.

  • Single Mode is for when you have one document to capture and the information is only on one page.
  • Multiple Mode is for when you have several documents that you would like to capture. You can take up to 50 photos of individual documents before submitting. Dext will then separate each photo into a separate item.
  • Combine Mode is for when the information you need to capture is spread over several pages (up to a maximum of 50) or you have a very long receipt and all the information will not fit in one picture frame. Dext will then combine your photos into one item.


SUBMIT- do not worry about filing out any additional information e.g. date etc. Just submit the image, easy as that!